Our Vision

Our vision is to simplify the credentialing, privileging and billing process and make the task of getting your providers contracted with insurance companies, simple, straightforward and concise. We want open, honest communication and complete transparency when it comes to follow up and finalization. Let our experts handle the daunting task of the mountain’s of paper work associated with insurance credentialing and provider privileging.

Who What Why ?
Who We Are

EMS is a seasoned, independent company with  employees bringing over 50 years of combined medical billing, coding and software experience.

What we do

Simply put, we allow you to focus on your patients, while we do the rest. EMS takes the hassle out of managing your practice by bridging the gap between you and the insurance companies. This way, your patients are billed accurately and timely.


Compare our costs with what it would take you to hire on your own. We make it easier and less expensive to run your business.

With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, it is not enough to stick with the status quo. You must adapt and change with with times. Expert uses the most current technology available to ensure we negotiate the best contracts and get you paid faster and with less effort. You went into medicine to help people, not to get buried in paperwork.